Friday, 5 July 2013

So Effing Cute

You know, Gentle Reader(s), I know I'm cute. Small and squishy and... well, cute. And since I'm so cute, I'm inclined to love other, even cuter things like Grumpy Cat and Bunny Shaming and Freddy Krueger. I also love coffee. I mean, I really love coffee. Really, I should have married coffee. Anyway,  I don't know about you, but I've often thought about what a shame it is that I couldn't combine cuteness with coffee. Well today I despair no-mo because someone has done it.

Check out Kotaku for the scoop (scoop of marshmallow, that is... mmm mmm good).

Also, while we're on the subject of cuteness, are you familiar with "George-ing"? You know the phenomenon of wanting to hug and squeeze something SO cute incredibly tightly? Well beyond Looney Tunes animation, Of Mice and Men, and what my large husband does to me when he comes home after work, there's a scientific name for it other than "George-ing". That name is "cute aggression". Check out the phenomenon of "cute aggression" as explored by Scientific American. Who knew?

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