Wednesday, 8 February 2012

News Flash and stuff

I'm just checking in, Oh Most Luscious Reader(s), not staying for the night - I'm making my Witch's Wicked Ass Chili, so in typical witchy fashion, I gotta go stand over the bubbling, steaming cauldron stirring and cackling, y'all. I just wanted to jot a few things down before I forget, however, and so here we go:

1) Remind me to give you my Square, Square Business Chicken Pot Pie recipe that I came up with. Mind you, I don't know how well it works with vegetarian chicken substitute (or tofu) and vegetable stock for those of you who don't eat things that once had eyes, but considering how many veggies I crammed into this recipe, it should work out for you guys too.

2) Remind me to provide a link to my Creative Digital Technology final essay on Mare Tralla's Protected series because it's down with the sickness and I earned one serious A, lovers.

3) I wanted to run this by you very quickly. Read it, then come back here. Someone mentioned, to paraphrase it, something about the brainwashed and the dangers of religion construing the 'natural' as “sinful”. Here's my response (because I can't bother to reinvent the wheel tonight, thanks):

When did Victoria Secret fashion shows and padded bras with frills all over them become ‘natural’? Now mind you, I love me some lingerie – I wear it every night, including right now. But let’s not kid ourselves into a discourse of the ‘sinful’ juxtaposed against the ‘natural’… in a Victoria Secret context. Really, now. I’m not religious and I’m definitely not Christian in spiritual orientation but I definitely think that if our society is going to hold very, very young women [read girls] up as icons; sexual, cultural, or otherwise which it frequently does, we’re going to have to learn to accept that many of these TEENAGERS are not particularly too bright in making decisions regarding their entire futures or their religious convictions. Were you? I mean, just because someone wears a DD doesn’t make them an adult, folks. But I digress, the point is, given her age and the ages of many of the other girls we proudly knight as celebrities and sex symbols, we shouldn’t be surprised when some of these sexual or cultural icons actually experience intellectual, or in this case, spiritual growth spurts while in the limelight. She was just a kid – sorry to put it so bluntly, but that’s the reality – and we should learn to contextualize realistic factors like lack of maturity when considering why she opted out of lingerie modelling. Not to mention, these are confusing times. Consider the hegemonic context which fostered this girl’s development: we (in the West) live in such hypocritical societies where 19 year olds are supposedly so grown, grown ass men lust after them and some of these girls aren’t even university age yet, the far right (usually Christian identified) host, judge, and encourage female pageantry all over the world and masquerade it as ‘wholesome’ and supporting ‘traditional values’. How they hell would she know what was right or wrong for herself? It’s confusing as hell. If she’s suddenly realized that she’s not living in alignment with her values, then good-got-dam for her.

4) One last thing, I am not usually interested in the art of the overt but I think The Great Wall of Vagina is really interesting.

That's it. That's my quick update. Nighty night, Gentle Reader(s).

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